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Help Channing-Murray Foundation and Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant expand their food justice programs!

Use the links below to donate money or actual items:


We are always welcoming donations from our friends and members in order to allow us to continue supporting our community through our organization and its many programs.

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Food Pantry Program
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CMF's Operating Fund

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The Red Herring restaurant

You can make a contribution to the Channing-Murray Foundation by clicking any of the buttons above. You can charge your donation to a credit/debit card or PayPal. All donations are tax deductible.


Any amount you can afford will be greatly appreciated!

Want to donate actual items?

Channing-Murray accepts all kinds of donations--anything you are able to give makes a difference.


peanut butter; cereal; microwavable meals; granola; etc.


shampoo & conditioner; laundry detergent; lotion; diapers; etc

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