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Parking Space Rental

Channing-Murray rents out parking spaces during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. If you are interested in a parking space, please contact our Office Manager at 217.344.1176 or channingmurraydirector@gmail.com.  


Our rates for a parking space are below.


Rates and Avaliability:


$420 per semester (Fall, Spring) M-F spots

$500 per semester (Fall, Spring) 24/7 spots


$200 for summer term


Parking spots are now being reserved for spring and summer 2022 . Contact our office to reserve yours!





Terms and Conditions:

 I understand that I can park only one vehicle at a time in the lot.  I understand that if I have more than one vehicle parked in the lot at any given time, additional vehicles are subject to tow. I understand that I must register all vehicles with the office. Unregistered vehicles are subject to tow.  I understand that payment for this parking spot is non-refundable. 


I understand that if all rental spaces are full, I need to immediately notify the office at 217.344.1176 (leave a message with your license plate number if no one is available).  I understand that I do not have the authority to call towing on my own.  I waive any rights to call towing to the Channing-Murray lot for the purpose of removing unauthorized cars.  The Channing-Murray Foundation holds that right alone.