Bucket Brigade - Champaign-Urbana Mutual Aid

Delivering food and supplies to the doorsteps of those who need it most 

We're working more closely with the Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office to refer recipients with the biggest need for delivery from week to week.


If you or someone you know needs food assistance and has mobility or help with transportation, take a look at the food pantry schedule for Champaign County and find a pantry near you: https://www.eifoodbank.org/help/champaign.html

If you or someone you know (must live in Urbana) and is experiencing a food emergency, call the Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office at 217-384-4144

Thanks to our local service and agencies and social workers for ensuring everyone stays fed!

claire delivery.jpg

We deliver to anyone in need in Champaign-Urbana. 

email cmf.foodrequests@gmail.com

if you know someone in need!


We continue to serve 20-30 households a week!


Each delivery includes:

4 Bags of Groceries (rice, beans, pasta, produce, milk, eggs, fruit, snacks) This food is purchased, packed, and readied by St. Pats Food Pantry

1 bag of Special Request Items (Culturally-Sensitive foods, household cleaning supplies, hygiene products,  baby supplies, and more) these goods are purchased, packed, and readied by Channing-Murray 

2 or more Ready-Made Meals from the chefs at Red Herring Restaurant (larger families get more meals)