Jane Anderson Internship for
Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry

Dear friends,

The Jane Anderson Family has decided to honor our mother's memory by creating a UU Campus Ministry Internship in her name. Jane's love and dedication to helping young adults will be fittingly continued via a series of UU Campus Ministry Interns. For six decades, Jane "opened the door" and welcomed all who came to The Unitarian Church of Urbana that became Channing-Murray Foundation in 1957.

Jane Anderson

The Jane Anderson Internship Trust is being prepared to fund the 09/10 Internship of Kimberly Tomaszewski at CMF. In addition the Anderson family will match contributions to the Jane Anderson Internship Trust, up to $60,000 for a total initial trust goal of $120,000. Information about contributing and having your gift doubled [here]

The Jane Anderson Family

Jane Anderson Intern 2009-10 - Kimberly Tomaszewski
Elizabeth Marsh
Personal Statement
I was not raised in a traditional Unitarian Universalist congregation, which is perhaps why my time in college was so influential to my faith life. Coming from a small lay-led fellowship, I learned of devotion, community and tireless energy. In college, as a young adult, I experienced another side of ministry; one that, at times, seemed effortless as faith and humor complimented one another. I realized how my small home congregation had lasted for so many years, while also learning how important a minister is to the health of a community.

My time as a young adult in a new and life-giving Unitarian congregation was only part of my journey. I specifically refer to my Unitarian Universalism as a ‘faith’ because of the latter part of my college experience. Within one semester I had lost 6 friends or family members to accidents, old age or pain. I traveled to Central America where I learned what it was to be an American and how faith aided in survival. At times I was not sure if I had lost track of who I was or if I was seeing just that much more clearly of who I was to become.

During and because of this time, I was constantly and insistently challenged to answer the question of how my religion answered to these experiences.
Like the congregation I grew up in, without one minister to guide me but with a family of worshipers who supported me in my journey, my Lutheran chaplain, and my UU church community was there as I reflected, asked questions and sought guidance.

I needed both that congregational home as well as a chaplain in order to fully understand how ministry can take shape. I needed both in order to fully understand where I was called, and to who I was called to. I needed both community and a personal relationship in order to fully understand the importance of having a faith life, mentor, and place that encouraged and answered to spiritual growth during a young adult’s journey. It is with this knowledge and excitement that I greet the opportunity the Jane Anderson Internship offers, and to all those who are met by Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry.
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